He also would not believe that the brand new rap artist is actually gay even with the most obvious clues to the contrary

Riley Freeman ‘s the deuteragonist of 2005 Adult Move going Program The latest Boondocks. He’s Huey Freeman’s younger sis and you may Robert Freeman’s youngest grandson. He’s a keen 8–year-dated who emulates the latest gangster lives. The guy and many more commonly consider him just like the “Riley Escobar”, “Younger Reezy”, and you can “New Fundraiser”.


Riley is actually such as found having a lot of time cornrows braided towards back. He’s got brownish sight, wears a white tank best, blue trousers, yellow timberland boots otherwise the guy both wear a light tshirt having an excellent maroon long sleeve top underneath it such as he performed in certain symptoms inside the season you to definitely. He seems identical to Huey Freeman from the deal with as the one another of brothers look alike. For the 12 months step 3 episode The newest Fundraiser, he sporting events additional dresses.

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Riley are a highly impressionable 3rd grader. The guy welcomes the latest stereotypical “gangsta” existence, undertaking their far better bring the urban society about researching area regarding Woodcrest. Influenced by the newest media via rap songs and television, the guy apparently uses poor grammar, and you will will defend his idols regardless of if his imitations wade facing commonsense and righteousness. One of these is his service regarding R. Kelly in “The newest Demo of R. Kelly”, even after overwhelming research indicating Kelly’s shame, Riley thinks the guy must not need certainly to overlook their second album due to Kelly gonna prison. That is next found in “The storyline from Gangstalicious Area 2” where he attire during the effeminate attire because Gangstalicious created the build. In order to next emulate the life-style he praises, he gathers airsoft weapons and you can labels property, once the displayed into the “A garden Party” and you will “Riley Wuz Here”.

Riley appears to have a fair level of violent abilities, as well as displayed when he assisted bundle new kidnapping away from Oprah Winfrey, and extra showed by their criticisms off Ed Wuncler III and you can Gin Rummy for their diminished violent learn-exactly how inside the “Let us Nab Oprah”.

Even after his pretensions quite the opposite, Riley is just as intelligent while the his sister. In several days, he is proven to be most ingenious and you can pragmatic, and “beats” Tom, a district attorneys, from inside the a quarrel more than Roentgen. Kelly’s confinement and you will demo. Maybe because of idolizing brand new gangsta hiphop lifestyle the guy seems to provides a level of street smarts possibly because the higher while the his sibling, often capable affect facts through sleeping and you may opposite psychology. Which he relates to just like the entering a person’s “rational brain”. Riley is quite brash and might often enter into factors instead of offered earliest, also and make him a challenge inventor. He’s along with somewhat edgy and won’t hear individuals, specifically Huey and Granddad. He could be brutally truthful concise to be extremely impolite.

Riley overestimates himself extremely. Trusting themselves to get phenomenally skilled when you look at the baseball in facts that have no eg skill. The same is actually observed in kickball.

Riley appears to simply take great fulfillment in the poking enjoyable on almost every other people, often to the point in which Huey or Robert must strike your and work out him end, even in the event such as disciplinary measures normally have no affect his conclusion. The guy plus retains grudges; he’s an effective grudge, for example, facing Father christmas having not receiving your exactly what the guy need getting Xmas when the guy lived-in the newest ghetto, and you will went as far as to stem and you can physical violence Shopping mall Santa’s with airsoft firearms (“A Huey Freeman Xmas”).

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