Numerous ladies put everything on the line and spare no cost with regards to getting the look, feel, shading, and trim of the hair that they need. And keeping in mind that you might be occupied with investing bunches of energy (and cash) on colouring, twisting, fixing, trimming, blow-drying, and synthetically treating your hair to accomplish the perfect style that you’re chasing, it’s imperative to look at how caring for the body can affect the hair and it’s vitality.

Quite simply put, an unhealthy body would eventually lead to an unhealthy hair. How?

  • Not caring for our body can result to getting infections like ringworm that enters the hair fibre. This can lead to hair loss.
  • Not consuming food that contains the right proportion of iron can affect the growth of hair follicles.
  • Skin conditions like Psoriasis that occur as a result of negligence of body care can also cause poor hair growth and loss of hair.
  • And finally, when your daily regimen is lacking protein, not only will your muscles, immune system, and overall health suffer, but one of the many side effects is weak, brittle, and breakable hair.

What is the solution?

Always use Nina K Naturals’ products. You can choose from our collection that includes ‘Shea Mango Butter Hair Shuffle Cream’, ‘Hair food Growth Oil’, ‘Leave-in Detangler Spiritz’, ‘Rosemary Mint Conditioner’, and ‘Rosemary Mint Shampoo’.


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