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As a young and eldest child, I had to take care of my younger sisters while my parents worked long hours. I took care of them physically, mentally, emotionally. I provided them the support that my parents could not provide because they were away catering for us. I ensured they ate, did their homework with them, prayed with them, played with them, made sure they looked presentable, and most importantly, took care of their hair.

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The Shampoo is very lathersome and it makes my hair soft. I leave the conditioner in for about 5 minutes and then wash it. It makes my hair feel light and a bit tingly. When I use the leave in conditioner, I add the growth serum and it leaves my hair shiny and soft. I love your hair products. It’s bomb!!!

Keisha R.

Ok since I’ve been using Nina K hair products I have noticed that my natural hair is softer and more manageable. I love the soft scents of the shampoo and conditioner and the leave in conditioner smells great!!! I can’t wait to re-up on my hair products!!!

Xara Xoey

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Herbs for Hair and Body Benefits

The benefits of herbs for our hair cannot be under estimated. From making the hair thicker, slicker and smoother, to adding luster and retention, herbs play an important role in the well-being of our hair. There are so many reasons why organic hair products like our...

How to Enrich Your Hair with Vitamins for Hair Growth

Numerous individuals see sound looking hair as an indication of wellbeing or excellence. Like some other piece of your body, hair needs an assortment of vitamins to be sound and grow. Indeed, numerous vitamin inadequacies are connected to hair loss. While factors like...

The Amazing Benefits of Nina K Naturals Bentonite Clay for Hair

The Nina K Naturals Bentonite Clay is a must for any woman. Here are all the ways by which it is helpful for your hair: It eliminates dandruff: Dandruff forms when an organism called malassezia contaminates your scalp. This organism flourishes with the additional...

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