What Clients Says About Us

“Omg! The Jasmine Oil makes me feel so beautiful”


“The hair growth has shown great progress with my alopecia due to wearing locs for many years. The shampoo & conditioner leaves my hair feeling soft and the mint soothes my scalp.”


“The shampoo and conditioner was really good. I enjoyed the smell of the leave-in conditioner”


“Using NinaK Naturals products made my hair beautiful. It made it easy to handle, soft and very moisturized. It smelled lovely. When the lady did my hair in the salon she really loved how it was and loved the smell. She said it was easier to handle my 4c hair with the products. My hair came out great. NinaK Naturals products really work I love it. “


“I have been using Nina K Naturals products for about 2 months now and my hair feels stronger, softer and her body wash smells amazing. I am a proud supporter of Nina K Naturals. Pictures coming soon. ”


“Ok since I’ve been using Nina K hair products I have noticed that my natural hair is softer and more manageable. I love the soft scents of the shampoo and conditioner and the leave in conditioner smells great!!! I can’t wait to re-up on my hair products!!!”

Xara Xoey

“The Shampoo is very lathersome and it makes my hair soft. I leave the conditioner in for about 5 minutes and then wash it. It makes my hair feel light and a bit tingly. When I use the leave in conditioner, I add the growth serum and it leaves my hair shiny and soft. I love your hair products. It’s bomb!!!”

Keisha R.

“Your Product is amazing. I love the texture and the way it makes my hair feel. Even my son uses it and hides it from me. Thank you for creating such an awesome product. Can’t wait for the body product.”


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