Honeydew Melon


Description: Experience the essence of nature’s sweetest gift with our honeydew scent. Let the aroma transport you to sun-drenches orchards, where succulent droplets of honeydew glisten under the warm embrace of the sun. A symphony of fruity and fresh notes.

Note Profile: Honeydew melon, green leaves, Strawberry, Vanilla, Sugar

Net 5oz / Height 4.27”, Width 3.56” / 10” Fiber Sticks

Care Instructions: Add sticks to the bottle and flip the reed sticks after an hour. If you want a stronger scent, flip the reeds, and it will refresh them. Diffusers should be placed on a flat surface. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Safety: Please wash your hands after you’ve flipped your reeds.

Place the diffuser on a flat surface and in a safe area where it will not get knocked over or won’t spill or leak.